S O a N N E F a I R (she/her) is a music composer, producer and performer.
Exotic synths, persistent motifs, beats stacked in layers, fluctuations of light and darkness are some of the elements making up her sound.

She is obsessed with love, nature and the internet. She obsesses over many things and her lyrics reflect that.
Her music is volatile and passionate. She fiercely sways from genre to genre exploring her truth.
During 2020 she released her debut EP “85”, a homage to suburbia, beaches and palm trees on ThinkBabyMusic Collective.

Her sophomore EP “The Vlogger” was also released on TBM. A musical exploration of contemporary internet culture, “The Vlogger” is the narrative of individual personalities united under one voice. 
She has also released music on Nutty Wombat Records. 
She is currently working on her new album, an homage to the planet Earth and all forms of love.

"Real", a future pop homage to  the merging of the digital and the non-digital is the first single out of the upcoming album.